What we offer

  • Access to and participation in our annual Sport and Peace Conference
  • Membership to our consultative network of sport organisations for the Sport and Peace Conference
  • Inclusion of members in a consultative process in preparation of conference commissions
  • Co-facilitation and participation in preferred conference commissions
  • A membership to an African-based / world wide database of NGO’s for the purpose of collaboration, growth and access to information
  • Reduction in fees for the online and face to face Sport Management and Administration certified course
  • Key guidance and technical assistance advice from SDP specialists for your NGO.

How it works?

FSDP offers several membership packages which include various services from FSDP. Please complete the form below to join our membership
Membership StatusAnnual Membership Fee (R)(USD)Access to Annual FSDP Conference and Commission discussionsAccess to FSDP databaseAccess to Strategic and Technical adviceAccess to the FSDP networkBranding on FSDPMembership input FSDP conference contentAccess to information of the Sport Admin /Management CoursesOnline Community Membership
Emerging SDP NGO’s members (Not yet registered as NPO)R150 ($15)x x   xx
SDP NGO’s members (Registered NPO’s)R100 ($10)x x   xx
Student MembersFreex     xx
Academic MembersR350 ($30)x     xx
Individual MembersR500 ($50)x     xx
National FederationsR1000 ($100)x  x xxx
International FederationsR2500 ($250)x  xxxxx
Corporate MembershipR10 000 ($650)x xxxxxx
Affiliate PartnersR5 000 ($350)x xx xxx
Core Conference PartnersR15 000 ($950)x xxxxxx

Membership Registration

Please ensure you make the correct payment for your membership option, kindly forward proof of payment to