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Looking back:

The 5th International Sport and Peace Conference, Cape Town, South Africa

This past 15-21 September 2018, the Foundation celebrated quite a few legacy moments in Sport and Peace. Our 5th conference themed #BeTheLegacy was centred and focused around Nelson Mandela’s passion for, and legacy in sports and peace. We will be providing a full conference report soon. Though here are some highlights:

As part of the pre-conference activities the Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace hosted the 1st African Youth Forum in partnership with the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee, which brought 70 adolescents and educators from 6 countries across Africa, namely, Lesotho, Namibia, Malawi, Mauritius, Zimbabwe and South Africa together for a Sport, Heritage and Peace Celebration. From 15-19 September these youth engaged in sport and cultural activities and critical discussions sport, youth, development and peace issues on Robben Island in South Africa. The outcome of their deliberations was the Launch of Africa’s first ever Youth Network for Sport, Development and Peace. Attached are some interesting highlights from the 1st African Youth Forum.

On 19 September the 4th Youth Peace Heritage Games took place with 32 Young Adults from 4 Youth Groups across the Western Cape, as they explored a 5 Heritage sites in Cape Town to pick up clues on the significance of heritage and peace and what it means for them as youth today and in moving forward, today. Again, the theme was Nelson Mandela and the Power of Sport – Be the Legacy in Sport and Life

These prestigious youth events built up to our 5th International Sport and Peace Conference with special addresses by Deputy Minister of Sport and Recreation Gert Oosthuizen, MEC Anroux Marais, Luzuko Kito from the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Dr Ines Nkolaus from CIPC and other distinguished presenters and with a focus on Roundtables and Conference Commissions on the following topics:

  • Global governance and universal and Olympic values
    Values education and role models
  • The role of women in society and sport
  • Community development, sport and recreation, peace and partnerships
  • Youth, volunteers and leadership
    The role of Federations in sport development
  • Wellbeing, Health, Disability

We are very excited about the outcome of the conference and the potential of its commissions to work in line with the SDG’s the Kazan Action Plan and Agenda 2030 towards a legacy for Sport and Peace in South Africa Africa and globally. Stay tuned for more information.


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The Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization engaged in sport, development and peace and promotes Universal and Olympic values of friendship, joy of effort, fair play, respect, excellence and balance of body, spirit, will and mind as well as interdependence, sharing, love, tolerance, equality amongst others.



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