6th International Sport and Peace Conference

This event was brought to you by a unique partnership of the Foundation for Sport, Development, and Peace in collaboration with Western Cape Department for Cultural Affairs and Sport, Nedbank, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Robben Island Museum, the International Pierre de Coubertin Foundation, the Western Cape Network for Community, Peace and Development, Amy Foundation, Save the Dream Foundation, Sportanddev, the International Peace Research Association, the Africa Peace Education and Research Association, the Association for International Sport for All, the Cape Town Sport Council and their partners

The overall aim of this conference and the work of its commissions were to look at how we can take Madiba’s vision for youth, sport and peace forward in 2019 and beyond. Nelson Mandela’s legacy and the role he played for Youth, Sport, and Peace in the world. He believed in the power of sport, the important role of women and the youth as leaders of tomorrow. “Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, he said, you can be that great Generation. Let your Greatness blossom.“ In keeping with Madiba’s unswerving internationalism, this year’s conference was held in conjunction with the International Peace Research Association (IPRA), and its continental affiliate, the Africa Peace Education and Research Association (AFPREA)