Pierre de Coubertin Project

The SAPCC is a member of the Association of National Pierre de Coubertin committees of Africa, its headquarters in Cameroon under the leadership of Dr. Malik Atour Evele.

The International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (CIPC) in collaboration with the South African Pierre de Coubertin Committee (SAPCC) organised the 1st African Youth Forum on Robben Island, Cape Town, South Africa, 15-21 September 2018 in honour of Nelson Mandela’s Centenary. The SAPCC was established on the 12th of September 2017.  The host was the Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace (FSDP).

This committee’s founding members are:
Dr. Marion Keim Lees (President)
Prof.Christo de Coning (Vice-President)
Ms Jasmina Majiet (Secretary and School Liasion)
Ms Heidi Raymer (Treasurer)
Dr. Anver Desai (Education and Training)
Mr. Myolisi Gophe (Media Liasion)
Ms Alicia Heyman (Sport and Youth Forum)
Ms Ruth Saunders (Sport)

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The Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace provides a support fair play programme with a focus on Anti-Bullying at schools and in communities, in partnership with the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee (CIPC)

The Aims and Objectives of the Anti-bullying Programme

  • The aim of the Anti-bullying program is to root out bullying in schools, for the schools to be a safe and unharmful environment for children.
  • To prevent bullying behaviour from escalating.
  • To use the Anti-bullying programme as a peace-building tool.
  • Transforming mindsets, that bullying is unacceptable.
  • To reach as many learners through the Anti-bullying program as possible.

The programme focuses on the different types of bullying namely

SOCIAL BULLYING – the use of social manipulation to harm peers or sabotage their standing.
VERBAL BULLYING – the use of words, statements and name-calling to gain power and control over the target.
PHYSICAL BULLYING – the use of physical action to gain power and control over target.
CYBER BULLYING – using the internet or social media to hurt peers or sabotage their social standing.
SEXUAL BULLYING – using sexual behaviour to intimidate or control another person.
RACIST BULLYING – treating someone unfairly or poorly because of their race, ethnicity or culture.

The Anti-bullying Programme started due to the increase in the violent behaviour of learners at both primary and secondary schools. The Foundation for Sport, Development, and Peace understood that intervention was required as lives are being lost as a result of the intensity of persistent bullying endured by the victims. The bullying spun out of control and resulted in the suicides of high school students. This issue is a major one at schools in all provinces and globally. FSDP is currently offering the Anti-bullying programme in the Cape Winelands area, Franschhoek to two primary schools namely Wes-Eind Primary School and Groendal Primary School and a high school namely, Groendal High School. The programme has been offered to learners from schools in Cape Town surrounding areas namely Crestway High School, Steenberg High School, Lavender Hill High School, Lavana Primary School, Hillwood Primary School and Zerilda Primary School.

FSDP aims to expand the programme to reach more schools in surrounding areas and ultimately to schools in the Western Cape ,the rest of South Africa, Africa and globally. Since the programme has been actively presented, there has been a significant shift in student behaviour and attitude in the current schools. The objectives that drive the anti-bullying programme have been accepted by the schools and implemented into their learning environment. The most challenging students are more disciplined and display non-violent behaviour thanks to our Anti-Bullying Programme.

To support our Programme or to obtain further information, please contact our Project Manager Henrietta du Preez: henriettadupreez1@gmail.com or Cell/WhatsApp 0639499150