4th Cape Town International Sport and Peace Conference

In the midst of local political challenges and international leadership changes in South Africa and globally, the focus on the importance of universal values and global governance has become paramount. We believe that sport, development and peace as well as Olympism, which is To place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity” should be supported, also as it contains a vision from which we all can learn and to which we shall all aspire to.

It is for this reason that the Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace in partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Nedbank, TAFISA, SRSA, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Grassrootsoccer, Metro Police, tertiary institutions, and others will be hosting the 4th International Sport and Peace Conference. The Conference will take place 12-15 September at the Nedbank Building, Cape Town Waterfront on the occasion of International Peace Day, (21 September) and includes an Expo, the Cape Town Youth Peace Heritage Games, a TAFISA accredited international Training course and the main conference with 5 Commissions.

The theme for the 4th International Cape Town Sport and Peace Conference is  Breaking new Ground: Values and Leadership for Recreation, Sport and Peace and the event seeks to promote sport, well-being, tolerance and peace worldwide.

The event brings together international and local experts, practitioners as well as academics in the field of sport, development and peace and addresses a variety of stakeholders from civil society, sport, recreation and peace organisations, government departments, corporates, the media as well as interested parties from tertiary institutions, sports organisations, clubs and sport federations, athletes and coaches as well as delegates from faith based organisations, defence force, police and schools.


Programme Summarized

12 September:

Expo: Organisations will have the opportunity to showcase their work on sport, peace and community development

Youth Peace and Heritage Games: Provide Youth participants with an educational experience on historical and heritage aspects of Sport, Development and Peace and Legacy.

Special Commission: Western Cape Network for Community Peace and Development (by invite only)

13 September:

Main Conference: The Conference will, in addition to presentations and panel discussions comprise of five commissions:

  • Commission 1: Value education and Role Models with a focus on Women
  • Commission 2: Community Development, Sport, Peace and Partnerships
  • Commission 3: Wellbeing, Health, Disability
  • Commission 4: Youth Commission
  • Commission 5: The Role of Federations in Sport and Development

All Commissions will give delegates the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, share experiences and good practices and also continue to develop concrete programmes, projects and partnerships to enable implementation.

14-15 September:

Training and Capacity Building: International trainers will offer a Leadership and Event Management Training Course certified by TAFISA.


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1st Sport and Peace Awards

On 13 September 2017, during the main conference, the Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace will confer the Sport and Peace Award for exemplary commitments to Sport, Development and Peace

With this award, we want to honour people and organizations that set an example for their work contributing to sport and peace, development, community development, leadership reconciliation, human rights, overcoming of discrimination and social inclusion.

The Award Categories are:

Category A: Award for Sport and Peace Ambassador

Category B: Award for Extraordinary Contributions of an Organization

Category C: Award for Public Engagement for Sport and Peace

Category D: Award for Creative Writing for Peace Award

Awards Nomination Form