2nd New York Round Table for Sport and Peace

Please join us at the 2nd New York Sport and Peace Round Table on April 7, 2017, at the offices of the President of the New York City Borough of Manhattan, Gale Arnot Brewer.

The event will be brought to you by a unique partnership of the Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace in collaboration with US Department of State, Department of Sport and Recreation South Africa, New York Road Runners, the New York City Borough of Manhattan and their partners.

April 6th is the International Day for Sport, Development and Peace- an occasion that New York Round Table participants will mark on April 7th by sharing successful practices from their neighborhoods; exploring sports‘ impact on community cohesion and identity; and determining how best to use sports to foster youth development, education and teamwork.

As did the inaugural New York event last year, the 2017 Round Table will recognize the International Day for Sport, Development and Peace by convoking representatives from government, non-profit, educational, corporate and media organizations. The group will discuss how Olympic and universal values such as respect, self-discipline and fair play that sports instill in young athletes are applicable to broader global themes of peace and community development–and how best to forge partnerships among diverse organizations to build on those characteristics in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Participants will consider how to more closely integrate sports with educational and civil-discourse initiatives in high-risk communities. They will also explore how to creatively use sports-based public-private partnerships as conduits to foster youth leadership through formal mentorships, professional internships, marketable skills training and, ultimately, gainful employment.

Key questions:

 How can we use sports to inculcate positive values in participants from a young age?

 How can we demonstrate the potential contributions of sports‘ values to broader community initiatives

and constructive dialogue?

 Can we create an action template integrating youth sports management, educational modules,

community engagement and funding that is sufficiently versatile for broad international use?

 How do we draw on the experience of those in the network we are establishing through these round

tables to overcome challenges and avoid mistakes?

 How can we better use diverse stakeholders‘ skills and/or positions to further broader societal goals?

In addition to its chair of the United Nations‘ International Working Group for Sport and Peace, South Africa has since 2016 chaired UNESCO‘s Inter-Governmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport and (with the Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace), has successfully hosted numerous major conferences in Cape Town as well as Sport and Peace Round Tables in Boston and New York.

For further information please contact : Dr. Marion Keim at Ph : 27 82 202 3454