2nd Cape Town International Peace Conference and Expo

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2nd Cape Town International Peace Conference and Expo

17-18 September 2015, Cape Town, South Africa


Communities in South Africa and Cape Town in particular, are characterised by conflict arising out of severe adverse socio-economic conditions. Violent crimes, substance abuse, xenophobia, abuse of women and children, unemployment, poverty, are some of the challenges faced by communities all across South Africa. Whilst Sport and Recreation cannot provide sustainable solutions to all these challenges, the role of Sport and Recreation as a tool to promote Peace and Social Cohesion is often underestimated and certainly not well documented. Efforts by government, civil society and educational institutions are often uncoordinated resulting in unsustainable, ineffective programmes.

This conference aims to bring together international and local experts, academics and practitioners, in the field of Sport and Recreation for Peace and Development. The event will be brought to you by the Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace,  in collaboration with the  City of Cape Town, Sanlam Cape Town  Marathon and the Western Cape Network for Community Peace and Development and their partners.

We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the City Hall from 08:30 for registration.

PLEASE NOTE: We have parking available opposite the City Hall at the Grand Parade.

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The Conference  will facilitate discussions, workshops, presentations  and community  experiences  in the field of sport, recreation, community wellbeing and youth in the development and peace context.

South Africa  holds the United Nations‘ (IWG) Chair for Sport and Peace and has successfully hosted the 1st Cape Town Peace Conference on the occasion of the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon and the occasion of the  World Peace Day on 19 September 2014.

The 2nd  Cape Town International Peace Conference will follow suit on the occasion of the 2nd  Sanlam Cape Town Marathon on 20 September and the  International Peace Day on 21 September 2015  and seeks  to promote sport, wellbeing, tolerance and peace worldwide.

The event addresses a variety of stakeholders from civil society, government departments, corporates, the media  as well as interested parties from tertiary institutions, clubs and schools.

Delegates will be representing  stakeholders from the City, from civil society, government departments, corporates as well as interested parties from sport, recreation and peace  organisations, federations, tertiary institutions, clubs, faith based organisations, defence force, police, schools etc.

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DAY 1: 17 September 2015

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Sport and Peace Heritage Game

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EXPO  Themes
  • Community Development and Social Cohesion
  • Youth, Leadership and Value Education
  • Sport, Recreation and Wellbeing
  • Youth at Risk
  • Creating safe spaces through sport and recreational activites
  • Women empowerment
  • Physical inactivity and Health incl.HIV and TB testing and counselling

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TUTU Teen Truck and Entertainment

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STRATEGIC COMMISSION: Strategic Perspectives of Sport, Development and Peace

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Day 2: 18 September 2015

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Welcome and Setting the Scene:  Marion Keim  and Elana Meyer

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Address: Gert Bam,  Director, Sport Recreation & Amenities, City of Cape Town
Address: Anroux Marais, Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport,  Western Cape

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Address: Gert Oosthuizen, Deputy Minister Sport and Recreation, South Africa, & UN Working Group Chair (IWG) on Sport and Peace

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Address: International guests
Wilfried Lemke, United Nations’ Special Advisor on Sport for  Development and Peace
Dimitris Kyriakides, Special Envoy of the Mayor of the Municipality of  Marathon, Greece and Member of the Athens Marathon organising Committee.

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Guest speaker: Michael Sodipo, Project Coordinator Peace Initiative
Network, Kano , Nigeria

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Guest speaker:   NMF (tbc)

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Guest Speaker: André Odendaal

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Panel and  Plenary Discussion: Michael Sodipo, Adv. Lyndon Bouah Laurent, Dupont (Peace and Sport), City Police, SAPS

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  • ROOM 1 | Commission 1:

Promoting Tolerance and Social Cohesion: Youth, Leadership and Universal and Olympic Value Education        

  • ROOM 2 | Commission 2:

Healthy Life Styles – Getting Communities Active

  • ROOM 3 | Commission 3:

Community Safety, Sport and Peace in the City

  • ROOM 4 | Commission 4:

Parternships with Communities  – Implementing Sport and Recreation Initiatives for Development                                         [/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”15:15 – 15:30″ tab_id=”1440507265543-12-0″][vc_column_text]


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Feedback to Plenary and Discussion

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Closing  and Way Forward

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The Conference will, in addition to presentations and panel discussions, comprise four commissions dealing with the following key issues

  • Promoting Tolerance and Social Cohesion: Youth, Leadership and Universal and Olympic Value Education
  • Healthy Lifestyles – Getting Communities Active
  • Community Safety, Sport and Peace in the City  
  • Parternships with Communities  –  Implementing Sport and Recreation Initiatives for Development:

These commissions will give delegates the opportunity to  network, exchange ideas, share experiences and best practices in the field and also begin to develop concrete programmes, projects and partnerships to enable implementation.

The aim of the Conference and Expo is to create a forum for exchange and to bring representatives from civil society, business, education, and policy makers together to share expertise and experiences, promote communication and the exchange of information to strengthen the vision of using sport and recreation as vehicles to build peaceful healthy communities and  a better society.

The envisaged outcome  is  active  networking and collaboration on the topic, sharing and debating of topics related to the focus areas from local, national and international viewpoints as well as building collaboration and an improved understanding of the above issues.

The Conference also has a strong focus on the youth and local communities and will specifically be working with NGOs and federations  to include youth in sport,recreation,  wellbeing and peace initiatives. To that extent it will also have a Legacy Treasure Hunt and a Youth Expo. The Conference  encourages collaboration, stimulate discussions and exchange and make theoretical and practical experiences available to interested  participants  or organisations in Cape Town, South Africa and globally.

For more information please contact  Conference Organisers:

Marion (082 202 3454), Nariman (083 566 2981)

Christo (083 626 4590), Heidi (083 261 9108)

or mail to

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To DOWNLOAD the full programme, CLICK HERE:

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